There is an inexpressible joy about offering a job to someone, but my heart always turns toward those who instead receive the email regretfully informing them that they didn’t get this one. I am going to be sending a bunch of those emails in a moment, and wanted to say a bit more to those people.

It’s really hard, I have been there, and I genuinely feel your pain.

I write as someone who swung and missed so many times, hoping maybe something that follows will help you get that next resume look, interview, and goodness willing, the gig. …

Ballyhooed as a classic but not entirely what it claims to be, Neil Young’s latest archival release is good on its own terms

In the spring of 1975, Neil Young was ready to stop running away from the commercial success of his 1972 international smash hit Harvest. After a series of sessions held at the same studios and featuring key musicians who played on Harvest, he had a finished album mixed, sequenced, titled, and with artwork prepared. He considered it a sequel of sorts, called Homegrown.

Neil Young in Malibu, 1975

With release approaching, Young held a listening party to play Homegrown for close friends at his Malibu home. And then a funny thing happened.

Homegrown played in full, and when it ended, whether because the party-goers were…

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